Prime Rib, Charlotte, NC

At The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, NC, we carry the very best prime rib and are happy to give you whatever cut you prefer.

Prime rib, which is also often referred to as a standing rib roast, consists of the sixth through the twelfth ribs of a cow. This is also the same muscle that gives us Delmonico steaks, rib eye steaks and New York strip steaks. The reason these back muscles are so tender is because they do very little work. Not everyone purchases a full seven rib prime rib, however. When purchasing less, be sure to ask for either ribs 6 through 9 or 10 through 12, depending on your preference. Generally speaking, ribs 6 through 9 will have more fat, which may be preferable for taste, while ribs 10 to 12 will be more tender.

The freshest prime rib in town


Prime Rib in Charlotte, North CarolinaAt The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, North Carolina, we carry the very best prime rib and are happy to give you whatever cut you prefer. A full prime rib makes a fantastic meal for gatherings and is common during the holidays, but should not be ignored for its splendor throughout the year. The rule of thumb is to purchase one rib section for every two people.

It couldn’t be simpler to prepare prime rib. Simply ask one of our associates for the best seasonings to use as a rub on the ribs, and then simply roast it in an open roasting pan in the oven, using a meat thermometer to gauge when it is done. It is highly recommended not to cook prime rib to a medium-well or well-done temperature. Medium or medium-rare are preferable– between 130°F and 140°F is the best.

For more advice about cooking your prime rib perfectly, feel free to stop by our Charlotte, North Carolina location and talk to one of our butchers.