Marinated Chicken Breast, Charlotte, NC

We offer three types of marinated chicken breast at our Charlotte, NC location—Italian herbs, lemon pepper, and sun-dried tomato.

Marinated Chicken Breast in Charlotte, North Carolina
While everyone knows that chicken breasts are coveted for their leanness, they are often also dreaded by those who find them dry and flavorless. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. At The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, North Carolina, we offer the solution — all-natural marinated chicken breast choices. We currently offer three delicious flavors to choose from, including our signature marinade made of fresh Italian herbs and spices, as well as lemon pepper and sun-dried tomato.

Not only does a marinated chicken breast enjoy the addition of flavor, but the marinade also keeps the chicken breast from becoming dry, provided it is not drastically overcooked. We have helpful and courteous staff members who will be glad to give you instructions on how to best prepare marinated chicken breast.

Our marinated chicken breast packages come in two sizes – either 2 pounds or 5 pounds. Besides the advantage of enjoying a tender and flavorful chicken breast, it is also a benefit to save time during meal preparation. This is perfect for those last-minute meal decisions when it is far too late to prepare a marinade at home. Simply open the package and use the chicken in your recipe!

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to chicken breast recipes, as you can find plenty of them on our website or ask for some suggestions from our helpful staff. In many cases it can be quicker–not to mention healthier–to put a marinated chicken breast dish on the table for your family instead of having pizza delivered. Stop by The Butcher’s Market on the way home and simplify your dinner tonight!