It’s true! This magical ingredient can be added to anything from chocolate to asparagus, and you’re on your way to a taste sensation. Need more flavor in that dish? Your butcher will tell you to throw in some bacon. Bacon is unique – it has its own language and a cult-like following. A slice is called a rasher, and the type with layers of fat running parallel to the rind is called streaky.

Your Butcher Would Agree – Everything Is Better with Bacon!

Bacon comes in many different types according to the primal cut from which they are prepared. The premium slab bacon that you get from your butcher is made from the side cuts, the belly and the fatback. It has a medium to high fat content.

Butcher in Charlotte, North Carolina

Some other interesting varieties of bacon include:

  • Picnic bacon – it comes from beneath the shoulder blade
  • Jowl bacon – cured and smoked from the cheeks
  • Hock – taken from the ankle joint
  • Collar bacon – taken from the back of the head near the neck

3 Bacon Cooking Tips from the Butcher Blog:

  1. Use the oven for more even cooking. Lay the strips on a wire rack (on a baking sheet) and roast for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.
  2. Leave a minimum of 1” between each strip. This way, the fat renders evenly, and all the strips will be crispy, not limp.
  3. To reduce spattering, use a cold pan and cold bacon.

Did You Know? Bacon has the flavor ‘umami’, which evokes an addictive response in the brain that keeps us wanting more! It’s those chain lards that give it such a yummy flavor. There’s no taste substitute known to man.

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