Meats in Charlotte, North Carolina
The temperatures have dropped, and we’re all bundled up. For some of us, winter can be depressing, but there’s one thing that can make us feel better – a hot plate of sizzling meats fresh off the grill! All it takes is some determination, a little preparation and, of course, a good quality jacket.

  • Dress Code: It’s tempting to pile on snuggies, tassled hats and scarves, but try to avoid clothing that may come into contact with the flames. Rather, wear some thin gloves to allow proper hand movement, a hat, and your coat.
  • Pre-Heat for Longer: In cold temperatures, it takes double the time for the grill to heat up, so before piling on the meats, leave ample time.
  • Ventilation: To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, keep the grill in a well-ventilated area – at least 5 ft away from any combustible materials.
  • Shine a Light: Be certain that you can see precisely what you’re doing. Have someone shine a flashlight on the food or wear a headlamp so you can see when it’s done.
  • Smaller Portions: It takes longer for food to cook on the grill in winter, so choose smaller cuts of meat and fast-cooking vegetables to decrease the amount of time you spend outdoors. Make sure you’ve got plenty of extra gas or charcoal for longer cooking times.
  • Grill Angle: Position the grill at a 90⁰ angle to the wind to help prevent gusts causing temperature drops.

If you’re not really a fan of being out in the cold, then it’s perfectly okay to stick to cooking your favorite meats inside!

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