Butcher ShopWhen you hear the words “butcher shop”, you may think of an old movie where an actor wearing an apron stands beside huge slabs of fine meats hanging from the ceiling. But is that really how it works today? The truth is that many of us have never even walked into a butcher shop in our lifetime because they have been replaced by one-stop-shop grocery stores where you know exactly what to expect when you walk in.

But what if there were a reason to go back to your local butcher shop rather than shopping at a big-box grocery store? Here are a few things you can expect if you choose to go this route:

  • Fresh Meats – One of the biggest advantages of going to your local butcher shop is that they prepare fresh meats. They might even source from local farms, meaning you know exactly where your meat for dinner is coming from. Any butcher would be glad to tell you what to buy, when to buy it, and the best practices for cooking preparation.
  • Cooking Supplies – What good would fresh meat be if you didn’t have the right supplies to cook it? Once you’ve discussed the amazing local steaks you just bought, head on over to the cooking supplies, so you can get that pair of tongs or colander you don’t have at home.
  • Other Grocery Items – From dry rubs to olive oil and other grocery items, your local butcher shop will have additional grocery items that are the perfect complement to your fresh meat products. Your dinner menu will be a complete success just because you chose to go local instead of the traditional route!

 When you visit The Butcher’s Market, you’ll find we offer all of these things and more when you would like to try something different for dinner this week. Come on by and ask us how we can provide you with excellent meat and grocery products for your next meal!