Cooking RecipesIf you are new to the cooking world, or if you have some culinary experience, you may be wondering how those chefs on television make cooking look so easy. Is there some kind of science to their dishes? Do they have some magical, mysterious culinary knowledge?

In reality, most professional chefs have had a lot of culinary failures in their lifetime. But the one thing that holds true is that cooking recipes are often where they start, and then they broaden their horizons from there. So, if you’re thinking about taking a step out in the world of culinary arts (or if you’re just ready to try something new for dinner), you’ll find that there are three elements that make cooking recipes successful.

  1. Primary Ingredient – This may seem obvious, but you need to know what it is you’re cooking! Whether this is steak from your local butcher or you’ve decided to try a new brussels sprouts recipe, knowing the primary ingredient (and if it is in season) will help you choose cooking recipes with ease.
  2. Seasonings – Have you ever had something on your plate that was so bland you couldn’t eat it? Great cooking recipes know that our taste buds are in it to win it – and that means seasonings can make or break your dish. Whether you stick with basic salt and pepper or you like something spicy and sweet, knowing how much to add can take your dish from dead to delicious.
  3. Cook Time – We’ve all had that moment when we set off the smoke alarm. It’s okay to admit it. One thing about cooking recipes that should always be adhered to is cooking time. This helps you avoid flailing your arms around the smoke alarm with a towel and tossing your freshly bought groceries in the trash.

We’d like to take a moment here to say that there are some published cooking recipes that are a total flop. You could follow the instructions all day and they wouldn’t be up to snuff. Luckily, at The Butcher’s Market, we can walk you through some great recipes for the culinary expert or if you are a beginner so you feel your cooking masterpiece is a success. Just stop by and let us know what you’d like to try!