Have you ever wondered why it seems like chicken breasts taste better in a restaurant than they do at home? There is a secret behind that wonderful taste, and it just might surprise you, especially since you can get the same wonderful results at home – marinating!

The Best Chicken Breast Recipes Begin with Marinated Chicken Breasts

All the best chicken breast recipes include some type of marinating process because this is the best way to add flavor to a part of the chicken that can sometimes turn out rather dry and flavorless if this step is skipped.  Additionally, many people believe marinating tenderizes the meat.

Best Chicken Breast RecipesThere are two different methods for starting chicken breast recipes with marinated chicken breasts. One is to place chicken and various ingredients into a plastic storage bag or glass dish and refrigerate for an hour or more. There are dozens of types of marinades — one popular marinade is acid-based and thus include vinegar, lemon juice or some other sort of acidic base along with oil (half oil and half acid is a good rule of thumb). The seasonings that are added are purely dependent on individual taste. It can be fun to experiment with different spice blends and even different liquids.

The second way to end up with great chicken breast recipes is to purchase marinated chicken breasts from your neighborhood butcher shop. This method takes the guesswork out and saves time. They will often have different flavors to choose from, so it is easy to find a family favorite or be able to enjoy a variety of flavors. This is a great solution for busy people who want great taste in less time with very little effort. Just toss them on the grill or into the oven, and you’ll be ready to eat in no time!

When cooking the chicken breasts, it is okay to continue brushing the marinade on them for part of the cooking time, but stop at least 5 minutes before they are done to fully cook the marinade. Discard the unused marinade, as you should never consume uncooked marinade for food safety reasons.

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