At The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, North Carolina, we recently switched produce suppliers, enabling us to offer you fresh, local vegetables at affordable prices. Why should you care? Because local produce is better for your family and for the local community.

The Benefits of Buying Local Produce

Would you rather eat lettuce that was picked a week ago, transported hundreds of miles on a plane or truck, and washed and sealed in a factory before reaching your kitchen table, or lettuce that was picked just across town yesterday? Obviously, the latter option sounds much more appealing. Local produce is fresher, lasts longer, and tastes better.
Local Produce
Local produce also has less of an environmental impact. All those trucks and planes that transport food all across the country leave behind a huge carbon footprint. Buying produce from local farmers instead supports organic and sustainable growing practices and helps your community maintain farmland. It is also much safer—by eliminating the middle man, there is much less chance of food contamination in the process.

With local produce, there is also generally a greater variety of vegetables available, and you are able to support the local economy. Since the produce moves through fewer hands before reaching your table, more of the money you spend on it stays with the people who grew it—and those people may just be your next-door neighbors!

At The Butcher’s Market, we are proud to say that all of our produce now comes from local sources. Stop by our Charlotte, North Carolina location today to pick up some fresh veggies for dinner tonight!