You may already know the benefits of purchasing your family’s meats at a neighborhood butcher shop rather than a regular grocery store or big box store. Some of these benefits include:

The Benefits of a Neighborhood Butcher Shop

  • Freshness – Meat at many grocery stores and most big box chains has been cut and packaged far from the store and then shipped. At a butcher shop, the meat is cut there and wrapped to order to make it a much fresher product.
  • Butcher Shop in Charlotte, North CarolinaCustom Options – Getting meat at a butcher shop leaves the decisions up to the consumer. This means not only getting exactly the weight and number desired rather than a prepackaged quantity, but it also enables custom cuts, such as thicker or thinner pork chops or steaks.
  • Custom Service – Nothing beats the interaction with the butcher directly and being able to learn everything there is about meat. Try asking a sales associate at a big box store which steak is going to be best for grilling — they have no idea and likely have little idea where any of the steaks even come from! However, at the butcher shop, the butcher will be able to answer any questions you have and can maybe even share some great cooking recipes!

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy or convenient to go to the butcher shop. So many people have grown up in a world where shopping in one place for everything you need has become not only commonplace, but it has also become unfathomable as to why anyone would want to do it any other way. There seems no real sense to going to multiple places to get the various things on your grocery list. That’s why it’s important to go to a grocery store that also includes a butcher shop—so you can get all the things on your list without sacrificing the benefits listed above.

Shopping at a neighborhood butcher shop is going to be a wonderful experience in and of itself, but when you taste the difference at home, it will become very obvious just how much better it is to shop there!

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