Butcher Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina
When looking for meat, people tend to buy whatever is the cheapest or whatever is on sale. They also buy pre-packaged meat that is frozen because it is a good way to buy meat in bulk. While doing this, people miss out on quality meat that comes from their local butcher shop.  Buying meat from your butcher shop has many advantages that a lot of people do not know about.

A butcher shop has all different cuts of meat. If you are looking for a specific cut of beef, pork, chicken, or lamb, chances are your butcher shop has it. Even if it is not out on the shelves, usually the butcher can get it for you. Your butcher shop will also carry a wide variety of seafood, including shellfish, that you usually cannot find pre-packaged. If you are looking for lobster tail, mussels, or crab legs, your local butcher is your best bet.

The butcher shop can also help save you a lot of trouble at home because they can trim the fat off of certain cuts of meat. They can trim the skin and fat off of chicken, peel and devein shrimp, and they can even slice roasts very thin if you need it that way for a recipe. They do all of this free of charge. You can save hours of prep time in the kitchen when your meat comes ready to cook.

Additionally, your butcher shop is a great resource for any questions you have about meat. They can tell you how to store raw meat, they can answer all questions about expiration dates, and even about safe cooking temperatures.  Most butchers also can give you tips on how to get the best results when cooking certain cuts of meat. You can’t get service like that shopping in the frozen section!

If you are looking for a great local butcher shop, visit us today at The Butcher’s Market. We have a wide variety of meats and cheeses available, and we carry all cuts of quality meat for an affordable price.