SteakNothing beats a nice juicy steak on the grill, but that can be ruined if something goes wrong with the steak itself. Get a low-quality steak, and there isn’t much you can do to it that will help. On the other hand, you can get a top-quality steak and still have less-than-desirable results. If you keep getting disappointing results, one thing to try is to use only steaks that come fresh from the butcher.

It is tempting, especially when there is a great sale, to stock up on steaks and put them in your freezer. Unfortunately, freezing steak changes its texture and flavor. This is due to the impact from the ice crystals that form when freezing. You can minimize this by thoroughly chilling them and freezing them as quickly as possible. The use of liquid nitrogen for flash freezing is also a possibility. The bottom line, however, is that most steak lovers will always feel that fresh tastes better and the only time beef should be frozen is if it’s still on the hoof in a blizzard.

Rather than stock up when there is a sale, take the opportunity to enjoy the fresh steak at that time and wait for the next sale to have it again. Another option is to just get a smaller steak when the price is higher. Other meats freeze more easily with less texture and flavor degradation, so stocking up on them is fine.

One more option is visiting us at The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, North Carolina for fresh steaks. We endeavor to keep prices reasonable all the time and have a loyalty program that will save you even more. Also, should you want to stock up on other meats, or even steaks if you insist, we also have “fill your freezer” discounts. We can provide you with the expertly butchered size of steak you desire, so you can enjoy your meal and keep within your budget. Life is too short to eat low-quality meat – trust your neighborhood butcher and grocer for premium meats you’ll enjoy to the max.