Specialty FoodsWhen it comes to buying fresh meat and produce, it’s easy to get in a rut and buy the same thing every single week. In fact, you may only splurge on those “special” items for occasions like birthdays and holidays. But what if you gave specialty foods a try more often? If that sounds a little bit scary, or you feel anxious because you won’t know proper preparation and cooking techniques, there are a few reasons you should move past your fears and step outside your comfort zone.

  1. Specialty foods make amazing talking points. Whether you are trying to impress your wife or you are having a small friendly get-together, choosing something different to add to the table can make great conversation. Not only can you add something new to your cooking repertoire, but you’ll also get feedback from your friends who have also never tried your new item of choice.
  2. Are you a food connoisseur – with a few hold ups? Never to worry. If you want to try something new but aren’t sure where to start, just ask your neighborhood butcher or grocer about some ideas for culinary growth. Not only can they tell you what is in season and who the best farmers are, but they can probably also give you some culinary tips that make your next cooking expedition a smash.
  3. If you get a hankering for exotic tastes, specialty foods are the way to go! Most places that carry specialty items are even willing to discuss the pros and cons before you buy. Just do a little research and know that in the end, you’ll have an excellent culinary journey.

At The Butcher’s Market, we believe customer care and high-quality products are what set us apart from other grocery stores. Come by today to learn more about our specialty foods or to have us order something special for your next menu creation. We’d love to know how it goes!