Seasonings in Charlotte, North CarolinaFew things in life can beat the pleasure of tucking into properly grilled meat – that tenderness, that smoky beef flavor, and that hit of sweet-tasting fat. However, there’s so much more than what you do with the meat. Seasonings, sauces, marinades and rubs can turn a so-so steak into something awesome.

Seasonings can be as simple as salt and fresh ground black pepper, or a complex blend of herbs and spices. Marinades can make plain steaks spectacular and tough steaks tender. After grilling, sauces can fix any flavor and put the finishing touch to any meal.

In the area of steaks, salt is somewhat controversial. Some professional chefs say that it prevents meat from browning – a crucial element of a properly grilled steak. Others will tell you that salt will dry the meat out. Then there are those who are adamant that salt is essential for flavor enhancement. The trick is, if you’re going to use it, then use it in moderation.

Beef has the ability to go well with most spices. Seasonings can be used to carry flavor deep into meat via marinades, or they can be rubbed on the surface. Of course, many people say that good steaks don’t need additional seasonings. While this may be true for a great cut that’s grilled to perfection, poorer cuts can benefit hugely by some sprucing up.

P.S. The best way to grill beef is medium-rare. Although plenty of people will disagree with this, any professional chef will tell you that cooking steak anywhere past medium is a practice that should be harshly condemned!

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