Quick Tips for Storing & Using Your Favorite Seasonings

If you are looking for a way to spice up your next meal, you may be looking at your seasonings and wondering what to use. Are your spices too old? Should you use more or less? What if you want to use fresh instead of dry? Here are a few quick tips for storing and using your favorite seasonings, so you get the full flavor as you create your next meal:

  1. A small amount of your seasonings will go a long way when flavoring your foods, so there is no need to buy the biggest jar for your home kitchen supply.
  2. Seasonings maintain their optimal flavor for about one year, and then it may be time to consider replacement.
  3. Keeping your seasonings away from heat and moisture will help to maintain their potency for the long term.
  4. If you decide to use fresh herbs as a seasoning instead of dried, you’ll need to use more (about three times more) to get the full effect.
  5. Introducing seasonings early in the cooking process will ensure that they fully develop and leave you with an aromatic and scrumptious meal.

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