There is a reason why prime rib is so popular at restaurants and steakhouses– most people are too afraid to make it at home. While there are some time-consuming ways to prepare prime rib, such as roasting it slow in a smoker, it can also be prepared quite simply, and you’ll still achieve amazing results. The chances are, if you bravely tackle a prime rib once, it will take over as your holiday favorite above ham and turkey.

Prime Rib

So, what does “simply” mean exactly? You start by going to your butcher and telling them how many people you plan to serve. They’ll suggest the right size prime rib for your needs. You’ll get somewhere between 1.5 and 2 servings per pound. You can find prime rib with or without the bone. With the bone generally has a bit more flavor, but if carving it unnerves you, a boneless option works well, too. A good idea is to get a bit more than you need, however, because leftovers make great stews and sandwiches.

Prime RibBe sure to pick up your prime rib at least 24 hours in advance, as you’ll get best results if you let it hang out in the refrigerator with a spice rub for a while. The type of spice rub you use is purely a personal choice, and there are plenty on the market that are excellent if you do not want to take the time to blend your own. Another idea is to put slits here and there throughout the prime rib and push in garlic – full cloves or slivers, depending on how much you love garlic.

As for how to roast it, many prefer to roast prime rib low and slow, taking roughly 18 minutes per pound in a 325° oven, or however long it takes to reach desired doneness as tested with a thermometer. You can shorten the time by using a hot oven (450°) for the first half hour, then turning it down. This will result in a bit more shrinkage, but it will have a more flavorful exterior. Do not cover the roast, and be sure to let it rest for about 15 minutes before you carve it. That’s all there is to it!

As long as you begin with quality prime rib, the rest is easy. At The Butcher’s Market in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’ve got your back on that part. Our top-quality meats make it easy for you to get the results you desire, and our helpful staff is always willing to offer advice on how to prepare things. We also carry a supply of marinades and seasonings that will make every meal exceptional.