beef in Charlotte, NC
The name’s literal translation is ‘cute filet’. We’re talking about the filet mignon, known for its supreme tenderness. It comes from the tenderloin that runs along both sides of the animal’s spine. The tenderloin is harvested in 2 long pieces and cut into sections. Filet mignon medallions come from the small end of the tenderloin.

Even the most experienced chefs have nightmares about undercooking, drying or burning this prime cut of beef. The name alone sounds intimidating, reminiscent of a French aristocrat with high expectations and fancy tastes. But, in reality, the filet mignon is simply a small cut with a big ego, and you have the power to bring it down to earth!

Trick #1 is to add the correct amount of fat. And which ingredient delivers fat better than bacon? Often, bacon is used to cook filet mignon because the meat has a low fat content. Bacon not only adds flavor, but it prevents the beef from drying out while cooking. But, now we’re going to get a little more gourmet and suggest using pancetta rather than bacon. Wrap each raw filet with pancetta and use a water-soaked toothpick to secure them.

Trick #2 is to stuff it with something. It might sound complex, but it’s simple. Make a small incision in the side of the filet and spoon the mixture in. The final trick is to serve it with sides that can stand up to the robust flavors of cheese and pancetta. Filet mignon – truly, a beef dinner fit for a king!

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