It can be challenging to continually come up with new and exciting menus for family dinners, not to mention the occasional party or holiday gathering. It can take pondering over recipe websites or dozens of cookbooks looking for ways to make the meal interesting. A better solution is asking your neighborhood butcher shop about their marinated meats and poultry.

Marinated Meats: Unrivaled Tenderness and Flavor

Chances are, nearly all the best recipes that will be found online or in a cookbook will take advantage of this well-known method for infusing flavor and tenderness into beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Certainly meat can be marinated by those who have the patience and the time to do it properly. However, the best results for marinated meats are going to come from a butcher who expertly blends the recipes and uses a unique tenderizing process.
Marinated Meats in Chatlotte, North Carolina

The truth of the matter is that preparing a marinade and placing the meat in it for a few minutes or even overnight is not going to necessarily tenderize the meat.  It is more than just the ingredients that do this miraculous trick — it is the process, as well, that can be quite difficult to duplicate at home.

Besides getting a better result, obtaining marinated meats from a professional butcher is going to save you a great deal of time. Simply bring the meat home and toss it on the grill, and you can be eating in just a few minutes. Anything that gets you out of the kitchen quicker and spending time with your family is a great idea!

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