marinated meatsWhen it comes to dinnertime, many of us are busy and don’t have a lot of time to prepare a time-intensive meal. After all, it will always be easier to order a pizza instead of make and cook your own.  Just because you’re short on time, however, doesn’t mean you can’t make a delicious meal quickly, and just one of the ways of doing this is by using marinated meats.

The meat portion of the recipe is often what the rest of the meal is planned around. You likely wouldn’t pair pasta and red sauce with an Indian-spiced marinated chicken. When you use pre-marinated meats for your dinner menu planning, you drastically cut down your planning time because you needn’t come up with an entire menu. Simply pick protein options that sound good to you and then build your meal from there!

Marinated meats also save us time when preparing meals because they are often a very flavorful and delicious way to eat meats that require very little preparation time. The most you will need to do is take the marinated meat out of the freezer and transfer to the fridge to defrost! Because marinated meats are such an easy way to do dinner in a flavorful way, they fit nicely into busy and hectic schedules.

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