Marinades & SeasoningsIf you love to cook, but you find the words “marinade” and “seasoning” stressful, think again. Did you know that you can flavor your food without it being complicated? In fact, marinades & seasonings are meant to be a simple addition to your next meal, adding flavor and not stress! Here are a few ways you can enjoy marinades & seasonings without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Keep it Simple – Did you know adding something simple like Italian seasoning or garlic powder can really make your dishes pop? Not only can you add these without too much worry about the amount, but your taste buds will thank you at the dinner table!
  2. Don’t Sweat It – We know there are some people who love their food spicy, but not everyone has a pallet for the hottest marinades & seasonings on the market. If you don’t like spicy food, there are plenty of things out there that can give your dishes flavor without lighting your tongue on fire.
  3. Rub It In – If you like a lot of flavor, but you aren’t a fan of messy marinades, dry rubs can be an excellent option for your next cooking experiment. Whether you create your own or you buy something new to try, you may find yourself with a new favorite dish.

 At The Butcher’s Market, not only can we make recommendations for some excellent marinades & seasonings, but you may also enjoy trying our signature flavors. All you have to do is pick it up and take it home for cooking. Come by today to see what we have to offer. Your next meal will be a hit!