How to Cook a Cowboy Steak That’s Fit for a Flintstone!

The cowboy steak comes from the bone-in rib eye, and it has one bone left attached. In addition to cowboy steak, this part allows for several generous portions of porterhouse and t-bone. All these cuts are known for their generous marbling and for being fine-grained, so they are really tender. With something that’s fit for a Flintstone, you should know how to cook it properly: Prep: Since it’s perfectly marbled, avoid using a heavy marinade. Instead, lightly coat the meat with fresh garlic, cracked pepper, sea salt and olive oil. If you’d like a bit of a kick, add a dash of red chili flakes.  Then let it rest. Preheat: While the meat is resting, heat the grill. This is especially important for larger pieces of steak because if the grill isn’t up to temperature, the meat will take longer to cook, and it may dry out. Also, without a hot grill, you won’t get those great sear marks. Cook: You’ve done the hard part! When the steak is at room temperature, put it on the grill. Time depends on how you like your meat cooked. For a 2-inch cut, the recommended time is 12 to 14 minutes on both … Continue reading How to Cook a Cowboy Steak That’s Fit for a Flintstone!