Four Ways to Cook Flavorful Fish

If you like to have fish as your protein of choice on occasion, you may be wondering if there is one best way to cook this delightful dish. While cooking fish the wrong way can certainly lead to a smelly encounter, there are some great ways to cook fish that will lead to something that’s healthy and delicious for your next meal. Here are four great ways you can cook flavorful fish to suit your fancy:

  1. Grill – Grilling is a classic way to cook many proteins, and fish is no exception. You can easily achieve an excellent outcome by cooking fish on a cedar plank or with a quick marinade as you grill to perfection.
  2. Bake – Baked fish is another great way to achieve full flavor with this seafood. Add your favorite herbs and spices and bake until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees.
  3. Steam – Steaming your fish over the stove top (in a steamer basket) or in the microwave is a great way to preserve moisture without the need for added fat. It’s also incredibly healthy! You’ll want to follow steaming directions depending upon which fish variety you choose.
  4. Broil – While grilling fish cooks from the bottom up, broiling cooks from the top down and is a quick way to cook your fish. Make sure the variety you choose can handle this type of cooking method, or make sure to add the proper marinade or coating to ensure the best results.

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