It can really get boring having the same forms of protein all the time – beef, pork, chicken and fish. Even though there are thousands of ways to cook them, there are times, such as a special occasion, that just screams for something exotic.  For those adventurous diners, there are some pretty unique options in exotic meats that can often be located as easily as calling your neighborhood butcher shop.

Exotic Meats for that Special Occasion

  • Wild Game – You don’t have to join a hunting party to be able to experience wild game such as elk, wild boar or venison. These exotic meats can often be found at a butcher shop, which can also give you advice on hExotic Meatsow to cook them properly.
  • Alligator – Don’t have the time nor the desire to risk life and limb getting your own alligator tail? That’s okay because in most states, that is frowned upon anyhow and might land you with a hefty fine. Alligator is a farm-raised meat just as beef, pork and chicken are, so it is pretty easy to obtain through your local butcher shop. Deep-fried alligator tail nuggets are a delectable appetizer!
  • Ostrich – Ostrich farms are growing in number because people who give this lean, tender red meat a try once are usually hooked for good. Ostrich steaks are incredibly flavorful and a very healthy meat, since it is low in fat and cholesterol.
  • Buffalo (Bison) – Once taken to the brink of extinction, these magnificent animals are now farm-raised and lower in cholesterol and leaner than beef. Buffalo meat has a sweeter flavor. While ground buffalo is available in some grocery stores, turn to your butcher shop for steaks that will amaze you!

These are just a few of the types of exotic meats that are available. There are dozens more, such as kangaroo, frog legs, antelope, iguana, rabbit, turtle, camel, llama and more. Next time you are dropping by your local butcher shop, ask them what exotic meats they have in stock and what else they can get. It might just be fun to include something unique in your menu to make any occasion a special one.

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