Chicken Breast RecipesThere are probably hundreds of cookbooks out there with fancy chicken breast recipes that would make even a seasoned cook wonder why there’s so much fuss. When you have a quality chicken breast, you really do not need to do much to enhance its natural flavor and juiciness. A few simple chicken breast recipes and techniques in your repertoire are sufficient and can be adjusted by just a few seasoning changes.

For example, one of the simplest chicken breast recipes is giving them a bit of seasoning and then baking them with a splash of some sort of sauce. Many things work well for this, including zesty Italian salad dressing, bottled BBQ sauce, honey mustard sauce, canned cream soup, spaghetti sauce, and ethnic seasonings. You can dress them up a bit more by wrapping them in bacon. Take it a bit further and create a pocket to put some stuffing and/or cheese inside the breasts before putting the bacon around them. The prep time for simple chicken breast recipes such as this is minimal, and just 30 to 40 minutes in a 350° oven, depending on how many you’re making, and you are good to go with a tossed salad or perhaps some rice or pasta to complete the meal.

Stop by The Butcher’s Market on your way home from work to pick up quality chicken breasts, or even thighs, and you’ll have dinner on the table before you know it. We also have a number of prepared side dishes that would go great with your chicken dish. With great quality and simple chicken breast recipes, your family will think you are a rock star – and they’d be right!