chicken breast recipes

If you think about your dinner options for tonight, what would come up on your mental menu? For many of us, we eat chicken at least one time per week. After all, chicken breast recipes are a great source of protein for a relatively low price. When not properly prepared, chicken breast recipes can be dry, flavorless, or stringy. If you are tired of using the same old recipes that deliver properly cooked but boring chicken, we have a few ways for you to spice up your chicken breast recipes to revive your taste buds while freeing you from your cooking rut!

First, try a new tasty influence from around the world that you’ve never tried before. While chicken and a rice pilaf is a tried and true food combination, what would it be like if you changed the spices? Try Indian recipes that call for chicken. Look for other Asian influences, Italian recipes, even Jamaican Jerk spices. Seek out chicken breast recipes that have spices or ingredients that you haven’t used before, and you will be surprised at how different spices can provide such a wide flavor palette.

Second, vary your method of cooking your chicken breast. Switch from a stainless-steel pan to a well-seasoned cast iron pan and taste the difference a good pan can make. Break out or invest in a wood burning or charcoal grill and experiment with different types of wood to see how they affect the flavor of your chicken. Try putting your chicken into a slow cooker or pressure cooker for flavorful shredded chicken breast that can be added to soups, tacos, or other recipes.

Lastly, ask a professional. Even experienced cooks can be bored with their ideas. Sometimes all it takes to open up a new world of chicken breast recipes is to get an outsider’s opinion. Here at The Butcher’s Market, we are happy to help you choose spices, marinades, cooking methods or other recipes that will make you warm up to having chicken for dinner once more. Come in and see us today!