exotic meatsWhen it comes to most grocery stores, you won’t find a very wide variety of protein sources. You’ll have the standard meats that are commonly found such as chicken, beef, pork, and some varieties of fish. However, what if you want to try venison, rabbit, goat or ostrich? For more exotic meats, you’ll want to head over to The Butcher’s Market for our wide exotic meat selection. There are many reasons why you should be adding more exotic meats to your diet, but for simplicity’s sake, we have chosen four that you can consider.

  1. More variety to your diet. Variety in the things you eat is important for your nutritional profile, since no one food has every nutrient that a human body needs to survive. Many exotic meats are just as good as, if not better, than the more common forms of meat sources that we see every day.
  2. Makes dinnertime more interesting. The average American diet will often cycle through 10-15 meals with the occasional variety meal thrown in. For the person planning and cooking, this can get very dull, very fast. The addition of exotic meats to the menu can be a welcome change from the beef, chicken, and pork rotation.
  3. Impactful on the Environment. Beef is a huge source of protein as well as controversy for the environment. Eating less beef enables you to lessen the environmental impact that cows have on the environment. Many exotic meat sources require less water, land, and other resources to live.
  4. Widens your flavor palate. Exploring the new flavors of exotic meats can help broaden your flavor palate, which can help your overall dining experiences of any type of food.

If you would like to learn more about exotic meats, we want to help you at The Butcher’s Market. Stop in and let our experts advise you on nutritional content, flavor profiles, how to cook the meats, and even what wine to serve with your meal. We look forward to seeing you!