fishWhen it comes to cooking, fish requires a little more skill to cook properly than other protein sources. Occasionally, when people remark that they don’t like fish, the problem is not the fish, but rather how the fish was prepared that they didn’t care for. Properly cooked fish is flaky, tender, and flavorful, leaving it a meal option that many people strive to master. While there is a very large variety of fishes in the sea (that saying didn’t come from nowhere, after all!), we will only discuss a few of the most common varieties in order to best help our customers.

  1. Salmon. Salmon is a great source of healthy fats and has a mild taste that most people enjoy. It also pairs well with many different types of common foods, making it a great introduction fish for children. Salmon should be cooked once it is at room temperature, not when it’s fresh out of the fridge. You also should avoid non-stick pans, since you need to use a very hot pan for salmon. Stick to cast iron or stainless steel and always start cooking your salmon skin-side down. Once the top of your salmon starts to change color, flip the filet over and cook an addition 1-2 minutes.
  2. Tuna. A tuna steak is significantly different than what you get in tuna from a can! In order to properly cook a tuna steak, you need a very hot pan or grill. Like salmon, let the tuna come to room temperature first. Then you’ll want a very hot pan to sear the outsides of the steak. The only seasonings you’ll need for tuna steaks are a little salt and pepper. The insides of the steak should be raw, as tuna becomes very tough and dry when cooked through.
  3. Tilapia. This tender white fish is very mild in flavor and takes on other spices nicely. The great thing about this fish is it is easy to cook, whether by baking or pan-frying. Often this fish will need 20-30 minutes to bake through and should be cooked until flaky.

If you have questions about how to cook your fish, be sure to ask one of our experienced butchers at The Butcher’s Market!